The Sham Podcast

We're back with Season 2!

July 17, 2020 Erin Mikail, Momina Mindeel, Mayuri Mei Lin
The Sham Podcast
We're back with Season 2!
Show Notes

Hosts Momina Mindeel and Erin Mikail are back chatting about life's biggest shams, but this time with producer Mayuri Mei Lin joining in too! In this (not-so) mini episode, the trio talk about how their lives have changed during the pandemic from being stranded abroad to getting married over Zoom. Also, they unveil the latest segment on The Sham, Underrated, where they talk about things that most certainly are not shams.

This week's Underrated:
Erin's loving the equipment-free workouts on Fitness Blender, and also her IRL blender for healthful smoothies.
Momina's plugging the feeling of trying something that scares you! She's discovered the beauty of coding, video editing and cooking after pushing herself to try new things.
Mayuri's underrated is the humble tennis ball which she uses to massage the kinks in her shoulder by rolling them on the floor or against a wall.

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