The Sham Podcast

Ep #2: The myth of productivity

July 24, 2020 Erin Mikail, Momina Mindeel, Mayuri Mei Lin
The Sham Podcast
Ep #2: The myth of productivity
Show Notes

Erin, Momina and Mayuri are sick of people saying that now, more than ever, we need to use all the time we spend at home (in quarantine!) to be productive! They talk about how the term productivity can be used to shroud worker exploitation, overwork culture and the lack of work-life balance. And also

This week on Underrated:
Erin plugs Discord which she uses even outside of gaming and also as a means to stay productive. She also shares her love for Forest, an app that helps her focus by locking her phone for any amount of time to prevent distractions, at which point it grows tiny trees.
Mayuri plugs Headspace, a meditation app that helps her find clarity and focus.
Momina plugs the ol' pen and paper, encouraging listeners to consider journaling as a way to disconnect from the internet and social media.

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