The Sham Podcast

Ep #4: Standardized Testing

August 07, 2020 Season 2 Episode 4
The Sham Podcast
Ep #4: Standardized Testing
Show Notes

This week, Momina, Mayuri and Erin discuss the absolute sham behind measuring everyone by the exact same yardstick through standardized tests. Our hosts share their own personal stories of agony and commiserate over the many tests they've had to take all their lives.

This week on Underrated:
Erin plugs Dinnerly, an app that has helped her start cooking at home.
Momina plugs Redhook Pier in Brooklyn, NY which has the best view of the city.
Mayuri plugs Badass Brooklyn, an animal rescue organization based in New York, or any local animal shelter that may need some assistance.

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