The Sham Podcast

Ep #5: The idea of a "bikini" body

August 14, 2020
The Sham Podcast
Ep #5: The idea of a "bikini" body
Show Notes

All bodies are bikini bodies! This week, Erin, Momina and Mayuri talk about the sham behind the "skinny = beautiful" beauty ideal. They touch on the body positivity movement, how implicit bias against fat people affect their health and job prospects as well as their own struggles with body image.

In the episode, Momina heavily references, and highly recommends, Roxanne Gay's memoir Hungry which delves into her struggles with her body and food. Mayuri also raves about "Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong", an article written by Michael Hobbs which, as the title eludes, points out the many fallacies we've had about overweight people and the danger of such misconceptions.

This week on Underrated:
Mayuri plugs the podcast You're Wrong About, hosted by journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbs who each week discuss a topic from the past that has been misrepresented or misunderstood.
Momina plugs oversized clothing and wearing them despite the fashion blogs' saying only skinny women are allowed.
Erin plugs the United States Postal Service and writing people handwritten notes. She also recommends buying cool postcards and getting a penpal. Please consider supporting the USPS by purchasing stamps, calling your representative to ask them to support relief funds for the postal service (find your senators here and members of the House of Representatives here) or by texting USPS to 50409.

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