The Sham Podcast

Ep #6: Having to code switch

August 21, 2020
The Sham Podcast
Ep #6: Having to code switch
Show Notes

Many of us do it, we change the way we present ourselves, the way we speak, depending on who is around us in order to assimilate. But maybe we shouldn't have to? Mayuri, Momina and Erin discuss instances when they've had to code switch, the changing of their accents and how it's all a sham. But this topic is vast and incredibly nuanced so if you would like to join the hosts of The Sham to discuss race and society for an upcoming episode, please do get in touch on Twitter or on Instagram.

This week on Underrated:
Erin plugs NPR's Code Switch podcast which discussed the very many nuances around race.
Momina plugs finding a (secret) spot in whatever city you're in as a means of escape.
Mayuri plugs reading and her attempt to return to the age-old habit.

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